Social Networking

Today I received a quite important talk on social media integration with design outreach. Many tips on social media usage, and website recommendations were given by the lecturers. This was very beneficial, as I now know many methods of promoting my work that actually result in client contact. Websites such as Behance, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Twitter, … More Social Networking

Gestalt Theory

This is a subject I am already well informed on. Infact, I find it highly intriguing, and influential to any design work I compose. I briefly touch on Gestalt Theory in my artist research on David Carson in my Type and Image project, however I have now recieved a given presentation in a lecture. “The … More Gestalt Theory


Continuing the BCOP100 module that started recently with the Habitus timeline project, I have received two lectures discussing the art of Semiotics, and what this subject consists of. I am going to present what I have learnt during the lectures through the captured notes, and reference from the obtained powerpoint on Moodle. I am going … More Semiotics

Illustrator Workshop

Our class has received a tutorial workshop on how to use the software Adobe Illustrator. I am already familiar with this software prior to the workshop, however the tutorial helped inform my understanding of the align and Pathfinder tools, in which I previously didn’t know how to use them effectively. The process of creating a … More Illustrator Workshop

Working in teams

A powerpoint about working in teams in the design industry was presented to us. Factors concerning positive and negative parts were discussed. It began by showing what situations team work would occur in design. Design companies and studios have individual job rolls with specific skill sets that often collaborate with each other. A given example … More Working in teams

Booklet information sources

Here is a list to the sites providing relevant information I researched for the three booklets created in the Type and Image module. 32pp classification: 12pp type anatomy: