Research for App Design ideas

Here are a number of links to apps that are relevant research to this module. GAME APPS Side scroller:   Top down:   3D immersive:   PORTFOLIO APPS

App Design Idea Generation

Games: Side Scrolling Parkour map, featuring several different unlockable characters. Obstacles are randomised and require different methods of approach to pass without failing. simple graphics/ rendering with the foreground obstacles, better visuals with the background? Overwatch style aesthetic? Side Scrolling combat game. A game orientated around sword combat. In a more simplified and expressive form … More App Design Idea Generation

Statement of Intent

Aryak “Aryak” is the mobile and tablet compatible only app that allows users to upload primary source images of architecture to their profiles and to a public feed. This then allows other users to vote on the image. It has similar aspects to Instagram and Yik Yak combined to create a portfolio which showcases your … More Statement of Intent

Visual Communication Image Sources

A collection of sources gathered from the digital booklet with all the images I used from online secondary sources.   Stock photography for page banners: [NON STOCK … More Visual Communication Image Sources

Email Etiquette

I recieved a presentation today on the principles of formatting an email. The do’s and don’ts were discussed to our class, highlighting effective communication against poor communication. To begin with, overall consideration of the audience in the email context is important. If I were to email a friend, happy and lazy text cand techniques can … More Email Etiquette