Design Genius: Architecture in Berlin

Assignment title: Principles of Graphic Design Module Number: BCOP100 Design Genius: Architecture in Berlin   After recently visiting the capital of Germany, I was in complete awe from the architecture present. The mixture of both contemporary and archaic buildings showed context to the war, and what destruction it imposed. Upon receiving this essay framework, I … More Design Genius: Architecture in Berlin

Essay techniques

I have been set the task of creating an essay on the context of Design Genius, filling 1,500 words with evaluative information. To compliment this, I’ve recieved a lecture showing specific and correct essay quotation techniques. Footnotes and Bibliographies are effective and professional standard methods to source quotes in a formal document such as an … More Essay techniques

Gestalt Theory

This is a subject I am already well informed on. Infact, I find it highly intriguing, and influential to any design work I compose. I briefly touch on Gestalt Theory in my artist research on David Carson in my Type and Image project, however I have now recieved a given presentation in a lecture. “The … More Gestalt Theory


Continuing the BCOP100 module that started recently with the Habitus timeline project, I have received two lectures discussing the art of Semiotics, and what this subject consists of. I am going to present what I have learnt during the lectures through the captured notes, and reference from the obtained powerpoint on Moodle. I am going … More Semiotics

Personal Habitus

I have been tasked to create a Information graphic product that shows my influences, inspirations and situations that have forged my education choice to be studying Graphic Designs as well as it for my career choice. My lecturer gave a brief presentation on what to expect from an Info graphic in a powerpoint document. He … More Personal Habitus