Booklet information sources

Here is a list to the sites providing relevant information I researched for the three booklets created in the Type and Image module. 32pp classification: 12pp type anatomy:

Poster development

During development of the letter photography Photoshop experiments, I created a rather suitable background for a poster format. Seeing as I needed to create the poster of my quote anyway, I decided to implement them both together. I screenshotted the progress, which will be found in my sketchbook. I have two outcomes to this first … More Poster development

Classification Booklet: Type and Iamge

I continuation of the 32pp type classification booklet over the past couple of days, I have applied learnt knowledge of typographic techniques into my explanation descriptions on different pages. One example was talking about Ligatures and the open type face. Using Adobe Photoshop for greater image manipulation capabilities, I experimented with the booklet cover. Many … More Classification Booklet: Type and Iamge

Independent study: Deconstruction of Type and image

As I am currently exploring Type and Image in this Graphic Design Module, I concluded it would be beneficial and important to conduct my own research. I have previously studied the ‘construction of type and image’ by looking at the work of Paul Rand, to contrast, I am now going to research David Carson – … More Independent study: Deconstruction of Type and image