Critical Analysis of Yr 1

Critical Reflection of Year 1

I can undoubtedly confirm that I had learnt a range of various skills, techniques and processes that I wasn’t aware of prior to joining Graphic Design at Plymouth College of Art. I will discuss this in a end of year reflection evaluation to year one.

I learned the most during the Type and image module at the beginning of the year. Definition of typography such as Kerning and Leading were demonstrated and taught through several presentations, in which I took notes to read upon and learn. During the period of Typography design, I learned the anatomy of type and found out there are specific classifications of fonts. I consider this knowledge highly important as it gives more understanding of the designs I create. Learning the history of Graphic Designers such as Adrian Frutigers’ Univers during the Neo-Grotesque movement. Techniques of such as hierarchy and Gestalt theory I already knew well from my previous Art course. Because of this I could elaborate my analysis effectively on techniques used in artist research. In relevance to note writing, I feel that my written communication has been consistently formal, informative and well conceived. Other skills and abilities gained from this year are how to use machines such as the Columbian press and processes such as Letter press, Screen printing and Laser cutting. Knowledge of these has proven useful within the modules during and after Type and Image, as artwork has been produced from Letter Press and the Laser cutter. This knowledge will only further expand the more I use the machines and processes, as I have gained more knowledge on materials and other factors to alter the success of outcomes. Preceding Graphic Design I had little knowledge of using Adobe InDesign. However now I have expanded my applicable usage in this software by learning how to print in different methods, add guidelines and grids and using bleed on every design document. Consideration of Bleed is has become of the most important aspects in design learnt thus far, as it can make or break the efficiency of a printed product.

During Contextual and Professional Practice classes I have furthermore learnt a great deal of skills. These consist of interview/ portfolio techniques, presentation techniques, App design production and other interpersonal skills to benefit myself proceeding to the design industry in the future.

I believe the module I succeeded the greatest in is the recent Creative Image Making brief. This may be due to all these skills and techniques gained throughout the year were able to take place with full understanding and control with it. The module I feel I could have improved on the utmost is Visual Communication, as I didn’t experiment nor produce enough effective outcomes. Furthermore some typography formats could be improved in the Type and Image booklets as I can identity some minor flaws and areas of improvement with the typography formats. If I were to set personal objectives for the second year of Graphic Design, I would give myself more time before deadlines to complete modules as I strained myself harsher than I should have towards the end of most deadlines. I also want to produce more work in my free time, to increase my portfolio and gain social media popularity of Instagram.



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