Statement of Intent


“Aryak” is the mobile and tablet compatible only app that allows users to upload primary source images of architecture to their profiles and to a public feed. This then allows other users to vote on the image. It has similar aspects to Instagram and Yik Yak combined to create a portfolio which showcases your architecture photography skills to the world. Users get an overall score which increases in value with activity. Other users can follow you, and you can follow anyone else. A upload filter is present which blocks any uploaded image that doesn’t contain architecture.

There are no applications on any marketplace that offers a portfolio blend with social media. Due to this, the market is open to this new concept.

Software that will be used in creation of this app is Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Captivate.

One main production issue is my little knowledge with the appropriate software. I have basic knowledge with Captivate, however not enough to build an app of this complexity. Some lecturer guidance will be needed. My Photoshop skills excel, and will provide effective usage to the apps aesthetics.

Aryak will be a completely unique take on portfolio share, combining with asocial media aspect.

 (200 words exactly)


Above is my Statement of intent for the app ‘Aryak’. I feel that I should have explained the origin of the name in there, however the 200 word limit restricted me.

If well recieved, a successor could be developed to allow any image content uploaded. This will all be documented in my sketchbook along with other appropriate WordPress Blogs grouped with the same category and tag of BAIS300 and PCAD300.


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