App Design Idea Generation


Side Scrolling Parkour map, featuring several different unlockable characters. Obstacles are randomised and require different methods of approach to pass without failing. simple graphics/ rendering with the foreground obstacles, better visuals with the background? Overwatch style aesthetic?

Side Scrolling combat game. A game orientated around sword combat. In a more simplified and expressive form of Killer instinct, with a larger POV. Possible dedicated maps to host Player vs AI or Player vs Player combat. Possible integration of Multiplayer via Bluetooth or Wifi. Alternatively the map renders random new terrain and enemies as you progress forward. Boss fights included.


Architecture photography app. Similar to Instagram but with a architect filter only allowing buildings and such to be uploaded. Could also include a rating system for individual images, that would give an overall percentage or point score to the account holder. Possibly similar to the Yik Yak Yakarma system, encouraging the user to like/ upvote and comment on people’s images more.

Alternatively – Photography rating app for amateur and professional Photographers. With the same concepts as the above concept, but open to any imagery content.

Simple portfolio app showcasing my work via navigation of pages.


I’m aiming for only Android support for my product, with the deliverable to only be shown on Smart phones. I would like the exploration of tablets and websites too, however that requires a higher familiarity and skill set with app design software, which I do not have. Time restriction also play effect too.

The most likely route I’m going to develop and create is the Architecture photography app. There are many factors driving this decision, one being that I have little knowledge of game engines and how to use them, which would make the creation of any game difficult. A portfolio app would be far more simple to develop, however a simple personal portfolio is too dull and lazy in my opinion. So I have decided to develop the architecture app as a mixture of social media and portfolio aspects.

Down side to the app – architecture will eventually limit in uploaded content.


Name idea generation:

Archicyak, Yakitecture, Ratitecture, Raditecure, Instatecure, Instatec, Archigram, Gramitecure, Gramit, Aryak, Yark, Yakigram, Rark, Rarkitecure, Rate my Architect, Architects unite,

Aryak appeals most to me, as it has the length and name pronunciation of a good title.


Target audience:

The target audience will be photographers who own mobile or tablet devices. The taken photos will be uploaded directly via the phone only to avoid plagiarism. So you have to collect imagery yourself. This deducts that the age rating will be from late teenager through to old adult. To be specific, from 14 – 60. This is the age range that uses the smartphone devices and tablets the most. Within this age range, 16 – 28 will be the highest user age popularity, as they are more keen with app usage and familiarity.

This means my app’s aesthetic should be quite formal, neat and well formatted. The clear legibility will look contemporary, encouraging users to feel more modern and current using it, and will also provide ease of reading and usage.


Colour theme:

Black, white, greyscale, orange for sliders? – white would look more aesthetically pleasing but not as eye catching.



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