Curriculum Vitae for Graphic Design

I have been tasked to create a CV in the context of the design industry of Graphic Design.

Using the guidance of the CV planning powerpoint presented to our class, I will present a Curriculum Vitae highlighting and promoting myself towards the design industry. Below is two screenshots of my Cv. It is my first draft. Some factors I am still unsure about, such as do I go into detail about my job at Tesco? The information at the start is temporary too, along with the entire format and font. Once I get constructive feedback and finish the CV, I will import the text into InDesign and format it for greater visual appeal.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.46.00Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.46.07

Here are a few examples of how I could present my CV in an unique and creative way to show my skillset in use.













I really favour some of the techniques used here in these images. When designing my own format, I may borrow and extent some of these to my own accord.

Feedback recieved on the 20th of January:

There is too much text. An employer wouldn’t read the cv due to the amount of time required to read through it. To decrease this, reduce the goals section, as that could be talked about and elaborated in person at a interview. Also reduce the other paragraphs so they blend in and flow more, with ease of reading. Also the address isn’t required for my cv, as that could be asked for via the given email.

The start paragraph is very well written, with a good use of quotation. The rest is informative and good.

Above is the feedback recieved from Andy, a lecturer and leader of this module. Viewing this feedback, I have made necessary changes to reduce info and improve the cv. I will now format this in the creative style of the examples shown above.

CV final PDF

Now that my Curriculum Vitae is complete, I will move to create the unconventional CV, as talked about in the recent blog post showing inspiring examples of images in the style of how I am going to create it.



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