Development of digital workbook

Continuing with the Visual Communication module, have begun and progressed work on a digital document.

Using Adobe InDesign, I am documenting my research, analyse, photos, initial designs and progression on a developing workbook. Part of the modules deliverables is to hand in most work in a digital PDF format. I used InDesign as that allows ease of page formatting, typography experiments and extracts via PDF format if necessary. The rest of my work that is on paper and rendered by hand will be resented in a sketchbook, but with no research there, as it is all on my digital document.

Here is a screen showing how the file is progressing:

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 13.51.04.png

The content shown is some secondary source logo example analysis. These logos were shown in a given powerpoint, so I thought it relevant to research and analyse the techniques used within them. I have also analysed animal art history, shoe shop history and shoe shop logos which all remain relevant to my module and will help towards my own logo development.

I now need to progress my hand rendered drawings to scan into the computer for digital refinement.


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