Which ways can you use interactive ‘self promotion’ in obtaining job opportunities?

From the lecture I recieved, I know many methods of self promotion and identity, however this question asks about interactive methods. I will research and explore some methods for this to answer the titled question.

Behance is a website dedicated to work sharing and portfolio building, much like a lot of websites out there. However I could be smart with my self promotion approach and use video content instead of JPEGs. However saying that, Vimeo – a video sharing website or Youtube offers video services. The problem Youtube is far too social and entertainment orientated, and not always appropriate for business work. Vimeo is a smart option, however that site is restricted to only video content. Yes the portfolio will be interactive, but using Behance has more functionality and freedom. If I were to set up a portfolio to Behance, I could effectively use images and interactive video content to draw clients attention. Another website I could achieve this in is Dribbble. Much like Behance, the idea is to share content with the world in hope to receive recognition and clients. Dribbble doesn’t support video files, but it does support GIFs, which has a similar visual impact. However I feel Behance will seem more professional and relevant in the context of interactive self promotion.

Here is a link to a self promotion example on Behance

I could one up the portfolio idea with my own website. This offers no limitation, besides the software I use and the skill I have. I could implement dynamic page movements and travel to make the visiting experience unique and interactive. The site would showcase my work, as well as contact info and such. This then offers implementation of videos and GIFs too. The only drawback is having the knowledge to create and code a website. There many website servers that do most of the work for you, such as WordPress, Big Cartel and 101mywebsite. But these will have limited customisation options. I would prefer to either learn HTML or hire someone to create the site. Speaking of WordPress, blogs may prove effective at hosting work content to promote. WordPress and Tumblr would be the most successful, as they are the most popular, and carry a wide range of appearances and compatibility to files.

A more unique take on interactive self promotion could be forged in a programme called Prezi. This site provides visually dynamic methods to show information, with a variety of animations and transitions all customisable. This would be a very effective way to conduct a client presentation, as it stands out over a simple Powerpoint presentation, bringing the interactive element.

All of these methods mentioned can help an individual obtain a job opportunity, showing creativity through interactive self promotion.


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