Essay techniques

I have been set the task of creating an essay on the context of Design Genius, filling 1,500 words with evaluative information. To compliment this, I’ve recieved a lecture showing specific and correct essay quotation techniques.

Footnotes and Bibliographies are effective and professional standard methods to source quotes in a formal document such as an essay. An example of one format example a Footnote could take is…

This example expressed by Taylor¹ “Enter quote here”.


However Taylor said (2015: Essay techniques 11th Dec) “This is another orientation”.

1. Todd Taylor. (2015) Essay techniques [Online] avaliable from [Accessed: 11th December 2015].

Each numbered footnote will correspond to the key collected at the bottom of the document, just how page on WikiPedia source their information. As seen, I have quoted an online source. Because of this, the website and date accessed have to be included, along with the specific ‘[ ]’ too. A book qoute for example wouldn’t have that, but would have the publishing company and city location of publishing.

I now know how to effectively source and reference any quotes I will use for my upcoming and future essay.




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