Working in teams

A powerpoint about working in teams in the design industry was presented to us. Factors concerning positive and negative parts were discussed. It began by showing what situations team work would occur in design. Design companies and studios have individual job rolls with specific skill sets that often collaborate with each other. A given example … More Working in teams

Booklet information sources

Here is a list to the sites providing relevant information I researched for the three booklets created in the Type and Image module. 32pp classification: 12pp type anatomy:

Personal Habitus

I have been tasked to create a Information graphic product that shows my influences, inspirations and situations that have forged my education choice to be studying Graphic Designs as well as it for my career choice. My lecturer gave a brief presentation on what to expect from an Info graphic in a powerpoint document. He … More Personal Habitus

Unconventional CV and going Freelance

Today I got presented on unconventional Cv’s. They are a unique way of presenting your skills to employers. For example a presentation showed board game crafted into a cv. The skills were listed on pick up cards along with important information. The product was boxed professionally, showing the potential employees’ skill set with composition, typography … More Unconventional CV and going Freelance

Poster development

During development of the letter photography Photoshop experiments, I created a rather suitable background for a poster format. Seeing as I needed to create the poster of my quote anyway, I decided to implement them both together. I screenshotted the progress, which will be found in my sketchbook. I have two outcomes to this first … More Poster development