Calligraphy continued

Today we had the second and final Calligraphy workshop, for the time being. The lecturer gave details on handwritten fonts, including how they are created, their origin, and what inspirational figures developed them (such as Eric Gill). I plotted an A3 sheet of paper to have 80mm cap height lines to craft the letters in. … More Calligraphy continued

Introduction to Semiotics and Calligraphy

Today I got introduced to study of Semiotics. Semiotics are a language of signs, in the context of and communication whether it being visual or audible. This subject contains many titles given to specific communication techniques in signs. For example a Pictograms’ definition is ‘An image that represents the object’ which in that context may … More Introduction to Semiotics and Calligraphy

Contextual module

Running alongside the practical Type and Image module, I have a Contextual one to study too. This consists of learning what it takes to be a Graphic Designer, exploring content such as freelancing, presenting your design and CV work. The module began with a pitching presentation given by the Lecturers. This powerpoint consisted of steps … More Contextual module

Initial Type and Image ideas for the Poster

We are progressing through the brief; the booklets have been touched on briefly, but not started. However I am now looking at the task of creating a poster product using type and image. To stimulate ideas and gain basic understanding of effective formatting, I plotted the previously given quote by Stefan Sagmeister into different positions … More Initial Type and Image ideas for the Poster

Design Philosophy in Type and Image

For the entirety of today, I learnt some principals of design philosophy, which is highly relevant for the Type and Image module. The Grid was especially covered. This design technique was introduced by explaining why it’s necessary, then the ‘how to’ phase followed after. The Grid helps ‘rationalise the creative and technical production process’ and … More Design Philosophy in Type and Image